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Rubber-Toe Canvas Sneakers

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You’ll fall in love with our classic Rubber-toe Canvas Sneakers. These adorable slip-ons make both getting dressed and styling effortless. Features a rubber toe to protect those piggies while they run, jump, and play around!


Materials: Canvas, Rubber





1 - 1.5T

5.31 in

1.5 - 2T

5.51 in

2 - 2.5T

5.71 in

2.5 - 3T

5.91 in


6.1 in

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(Product Review)
I bought this pair as a gift and they look well made and very cute. They look comfortable and very practical while still stylish. I hope they will be a hit this Spring.
Rachel Dennison
(Product Review)
The product itself and the customer service was great, however, I never received the first order that I placed and I had to have them resend it. It was almost two months from the time I made the initial order until I received the shoes.
(Site Review)
Love the little shoes
(Site Review)
Took a while for the items to ship from China, however quality was good and happy with purchase.
(Site Review)
It was easy to maneuver through the website, my only wish is that they had a wider selection of styles.
(Site Review)
I didn't experience any issues. Shipping was a little slow, but no major complaints!
(Site Review)
You?re asking my review when I don?t have the product yet :( really looking forward to receiving it!!
(Site Review)
Although shipping charges were more than expected, ordering was smooth & simple. Unfortunately I still haven?t received my order because I had no clue it was coming from China ??
(Site Review)
Everything was great when I ordered but I still haven?t received my package and it?s been more than 3 weeks already.

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